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Integrated Logistics Solutions (ILS), a  division of Park Ohio Holdings Corporation,  is the leading  international  supplier of fasteners, engineered cold-formed products and "C Class" items to major industrial users throughout The United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Brazil.  Customers are served by a network of full-service distribution centers supplying a broad range of products. 

Business Segments 

ILS has three distinct customer segments that rely on our expansive inventory and supply chain management expertise to provide efficient and seamless component procurement.

  • Supply Chain Management  - ILS specializes in JIT, direct-to-workstation, replenishment systems.
  • Traditional Business   - Small to medium size OEMs take advantage of ILS' breadth of component products to complement their manufacturing cycles.
  • Distributor Sales  -  Distributor customers tap into our broad based  inventory of over 60 proprietary product lines.

Manufacturing Capabilities 

The ILS Metal forming division is comprised of highly responsive, specifically focused fastener manufacturers.  These operations are positioned to join in the Supply Chain Management, enabling our customers to benefit from an integrated, efficient replenishment program.

Customer Service 

All ILS customers are valued and supported with the highest degree of customer service in the industry.  Our common operating system ensures data integrity and reliability that our customers demand.

The Companies of ILS

 RB&W Logistics

Direct Fasteners

G. I. S. Industries

Arden Distributor Sales

 Arden Fasteners

Industrial Fasteners


Georgia Industrial Fasteners

 Columbia Nut & Bolt



This distributor network operates 52 locations throughout the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Ireland, and England.